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Senior Program



One of the Filipinos endearing and admirable qualities is our filial devotion for the elderly.  As a cultural value, we recognize the hierarchy of age in our society. We dispose intentional respect to the elderly and treat them like the older members of our immediate family.   We address older people in polite language affixing "po" and "opo, in every sentence and inherently address them with  appropriate titles of respect like "kuya" for older men or "ate" for older women. 

Fil-Am of SCV places a high value to our elderly and that's why we made sure that Senior Program is an official part of our project year after year.  We've held events dedicated to seniors such as the Senior Prom King and Queen, Mother and Father of the Year, Senior Thanksgiving Dinner, and humanitarian services such as providing them necessities during disasters.  

More is yet to come for our Seniors.  Fil-Am of SCV is always ready to work for the senior and The President's Circle are more than willing to help.  So yes, there will be more events for our seniors.



Be part of our community. Join our events, such as sports and cultural shows to expand our presence in the community of Santa Clarita Valley.

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"  It's not the Years in your Life that Count. Its the Life in your Years!" 

Abraham Lincoln - US President 



In time of need, Fil-Am of SCV always rises up to the occasion.  During this unprecedented time of covid-19 pandemic, Fil-Am of SCV supported our Seniors in need.

Covid-19 put a lot of restriction on the mobility of our seniors, more so than ever. They can't go outside for as simple as going to the grocery stores to get their basic necessities.  Fil-Am of SCV heard the calling and quickly raised funds and food donations.  The President's Circle (TPC) led the way and quickly put the plan together and delivered.



Every year we celebrate our beloved Seniors during Thanksgiving Day. 
Fil-Am of SCV delights in bringing joy and laughters to our seniors with the traditional thanksgiving meal, interspersed with production numbers and a lot of dancing. A live band playing music from their era highlights the event. 
This is one occasion that you shouldn’t miss. Mark your calendar. Come and bring your parents and grandparents and let's make them feel extra special during this very  special occasion.


Seniors Upcoming Events 

   Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.      
— Robert Breault

Take a Look at our Seniors in Action 

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