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Our History


by Mr. Jun Gatilao,  1986 Fil-Am of SCV President 


1970s - 80s

First Formation & Growth of the Filipino American Association of Santa Clarita Valley

In the early 1970’s, prior to formation of the Filipino-American Association of Santa Clarita Valley (FilAmSCV), a small group of Filipino American “pioneers” from different sectors of Santa Clarita Valley got together and began organizing summer picnics and potluck Christmas parties. 

In the early 1980’s the group started growing and decided to unite as a family and social organization, become active in the community and be recognized as a united Filipino group in the growing Santa Clarita Valley.


FilAmSCV now formally organized

In January 1984, Filipino-American Association of Santa Clarita Valley was formally organized by creating a governing body, which set forth the fundamental laws of the association and nine members of the Board of Directors were elected by the membership.  The Board’s primary function was to plan and execute the various projects and activities of the association.  To carry out these projects, several committees were created including Membership, Social, Cultural, Civic, and Recreational.


Started to incorporate in the State of California

By-Laws were drafted and ratified, which became the basis of the association’s operation. In 1985 after a careful and thorough research by the Board, Fil-Am SCV was incorporated in the State of California. Bayanihan spirit was always the driving force behind the association as evidenced by the success of every undertaking year after year.  

The success, accomplishments, and achievements of the association each year, depended on the President and the Board, under their own unique leadership qualities and teamwork.

​Since families are the central unit of the association, various family oriented activities are planned each year including Easter picnic, camping, cultural events, bowling tournaments and Christmas parties.  Fil-Am of SCV’s activities are opportunities for the group to come together and revel in the success of worthwhile projects and events.

1986 7.PNG


FILAMSCV approved the Scholarship Program

Young people are one of the most important elements of the association.  Youth group activities first started in 1986 when the teens and parents realized that there are a number of active and motivated teenagers who wanted to get involved with Fil-Am of SCV.  

The association believes in molding the next generation into the responsible, law abiding and community oriented citizens.  Their involvement made them aware of the Filipino heritage and culture and instilled Filipino-American values and pride.

Recognizing the importance of the youth and the next generation,  Fil-Am SCV approved the Scholarship program in 1986, to recognize and provide financial support to deserving graduating high school students in Santa Clarita Valley and in the Philippines.  Today, the Scholarship program is one of the most important annual projects of the association.

Masquerade Induction Ball

2009 & 2012

Became a non-profit organization and its final approval from the Government

Time never stops. Changes are inevitable for an evolving entity and FilAmSCV is no exception. In 2009, FilAmCV took a step forward and became a California non-profit, public benefit corporation, and modified its name to Fil-Am Association of SCV, Inc.


In 2012, FilAmSCV received final approval from federal and state governments to be a tax-exempt, non-profit organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This means that the association is able to sponsor and engage in various charitable and humanitarian projects for the well being of the community. This  also allows us to receive or accept tax deductible donations from sponsors and benefactors.  


2012 - Present

Expanding for several years and counting

The association has evolved and grown over the last several years, garnering accolades, recognition and support from the City of Santa Clarita.  The children of the founding members have grown up with the association, and some of them have become parents themselves, hopefully to bring their offspring into the organization to become the next  FilAm of SCV members and leaders along with a new generation of dynamic and innovative leaders of the association!


Let us hope that this cycle continues and that the association thrives in another 35 plus years or more. Let us be welcoming of our Kababayans who decide to join our organization and uphold the legacy of the Fil-Am Association of SCV, Inc.​

”To foretell the destiny of a nation, it is necessary to open a book to tell of her past.”

Dr. Jose Rizal



Our Mission is to promote, preserve, and maintain the Filipino culture by engaging in cultural, educational, civic, sports, humanitarian and outreach programs.


To promote and preserve the Filipino culture and tradition to all Fil-Ams and future generations.

To sponsor and engage in various outreach, charitable and humanitarian programs for the

well-being of the community.

And to provide educational awards and funding for deserving individuals, locally and in the Philippines.

Mission & Vision
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