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Youth Program

"  The  Youth is the Hope of our Future. ---- Nasa kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan."    - Dr. Jose Rizal, Philippine National Hero - A Polymath ,Novelist, Poet, Playwright, Historian, Opthalmologist, Painter, Sculptor 

May youths strive for excellence!



Our youth always play a special role in the growth and evolution of our association.  Since the inception of Fil-Am of SCV, our young adults have been involved, bringing in new ideas, innovations and excitement.  Their mere involvement subconsciously immersed themselves into their Filipino heritage.  They learned to appreciate even more the beauty and the colorful history of Philippines.  They became motivated to exhibit their knowledge of their motherland through songs, dances, and stage plays.

In 1993, Fil-Am of SCV President Nic Montebon, Jr., founded CYPA (Coalition of Young Pilipino-Americans), a youth program which brought together a group of young Filipinos who added diversity to Fil-Am.  They brought their touch of flare while entertaining, serving, and promoting the objectives of Fil-Am of SCV.
With time our young adults are now fathers and mothers themselves.  They continue their legacy by engaging and involving their own children to the Fil-Am activities, events and projects, much to the delight of the pioneers and other members of the association. We can see the longevity of our association through our youth.

And this is precisely the reason for our Youth Program.  These young adults are the ones who will continue the legacy of Fil-Am, fulfilling the tradition, the mission, and the vision of the pioneers of this association. 
For our part in keeping alive Fil-Am of SCV, let us encourage and motivate them with our youth directed projects. Our challenge to you- be counted!



Be part of our community. Join our events, such as sports and cultural shows to expand our presence in the community of Santa Clarita Valley.

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cultural dance workshop

Dance is basic to human nature as a form of individual and cultural expression. 

Cultural Dance is important in the promotion of our heritage and in educating other people about our tradition, our past and to some extent our survival as a group of people. Like language, dance is a form of identifying us of our ethnicity and uniqueness as a people. Our association clearly sees this and strongly upholds the protection of our identity through the promotion of our native dances. 



Flex your muscles, test your endurance and join us in this competitive but fun basketball competition. Sign up and win the coveted title “Best Team of the Year” and of course, the “Most Valuable Player”! 

youth Upcoming Events 

Take a Look at our YOUTH in Action 

   Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.      
— Robert Breault

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