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" A  poeple without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."

- Marcus Garvey, Publisher, Activist, Journalist -


"DISCOVER PHILIPPINES" is an apt slogan for our cultural and academic program aimed at the youth who were born here from Filipino parents and for non-Filipino spouses as well. The program aims to create awareness of  the Filipino heritage and how it shaped the Filipino values and traditions. It also aims to make them feel proud of the Philippines with the many facets that are unique of  our country. Our diverse ethnicity derived from the Malays, Muslims, Hindus, Chinese, Spaniards, and Americans is what makes us unique. Not only would that be worth discovering but it would also be astonishing to discover the natural resources found in the Philippines, from the pristine beaches all over the country, the underground caves, the hundred islands with their tropical beaches, regional delicacies and tropical fruits, perfect coned volcano and the non-parity  jeepneys. Immersion is the best way of discovering the country where smiles are as abundant as the sunlight and where every tourist is pampered with Filipino hospitality.     


Discover Philippines now!



These are just some of our activities and programs that we have held to whet one’s appetite:

  • Pista Sa Nayon - a cultural festival depicting Filipino tradition of celebrating fiestas

  • Cultural Dance Troupe - Fil-Am members and professional dancers have taught cultural dance lessons to children, adults and seniors. They danced Philippines popular cultural dances such as Tinikling, Jota Manilena and Pandanggo sa Ilaw

  • "Pagsinta - Story of Juan Tamad" - is a full production of an infamous character in Philippine folkloric satire.

  • Centennial Celebration - a 2-hour narrative production of songs and dances presenting Philippines’ 100 years of history.

  • "Kultura Pilipinas" - full length presentation of the origin of Filipino dances through song and dance.

  • "Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang (The Stories of Grandma Basyang)" - a  production of the popular short stories about heroism, folktales, mystical characters like the Enchanted Hunchback and the little girl destined to be a princess, written by Severino Reyes, and told by Lola Basyang.

  • "Hiyas ng Lahi" -  a production of the Philippine legends, movers and shakers who secured a spot for the Philippines globally.  

  • Movie Night - of movies showing our country’s geography, history and heroes

  • "Noche Buena at Pasko" -  a mini production showcasing the traditional way Filipino families celebrate Christmas in the Philippines

  • Balagtasan - a Filipino form of melodic and rhythmic debate.

These are just few of the events we have held in promoting our Philippine heritage.  If you would like to be engaged with our Filipino culture, please go to our Join Us page, you can sign up to volunteer, participate or attend any of our upcoming events or visit our latest news & events.  You can also private message us on our Facebook Page FilAm Associatin of SCV, Inc or email us at info@filamofscv.org for further inquires.



Be part of our community. Join our events, such as sports and cultural shows to expand our presence in the community of Santa Clarita Valley.

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Fil-Am of SCV's commitment in promoting our culture is conveyed in so many ways, through shows, parades, plays, pamphlets and we have now also included motion pictures.

For movie buffs, this is a great way to learn more about the Philippines.  In the past, we featured the the story of our National Hero,  Dr. Jose Rizal.

This year, we will feature another beautiful history of Philippines. So watch out for announcements on where and when we'll have our next movie night!



Celebrate one of Fil-Am of SCV's biggest fundraising event of the year, our Annual Cultural Festival.  Fil-Am will showcase Philippines traditions, culture and heritage through songs and dances.  

This event will be held in October in the City of Santa Clarita grounds.  More details to follow.

Register if you would like to volunteer or participate in our event.  



As in the past, FACE program has published pamphlets containing significant information regarding Philippines history, language, milestones, geography, among others.  These pamphlets were distributed throught the libraries in the City of Santa Clarita and Filipino business establishments.

We will continue to circulate these FREE pamphlets to further the education and knowledge of the Philippines.



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