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"Because We Care", TPC for our Seniors

In time of need, Fil-Am of SCV always rise up to the occasion. During this unprecedented time of Covid-19 pandemic, Fil-Am of SCV, is supporting our seniors in need. Covid-19 put a lot of restriction on the mobility of our seniors, more than ever. They can't even go to grocery stores to get their basic necessities. Fil-Am of SCV heard the calling and the past Presidents quickly raised monetary funds and in-kind donations to provide for our seniors. The Presidents' Circle (TPC) led the way and quickly put the plan together and now, they're ready to deliver.

Past Presidents Rhod Resella, Tess Carlos and Zony Gordon spear headed the project along with Josie Maglalang and Rey Pascua representing the Board of Officers. The lead team identified the seniors who were in dire need of these goods. They packed blankets, socks, food, toiletries and other basic necessities in one huge bag. Every single item was wiped with sanitizers and every handler practiced safety measures to assure no virus is packed along with the goodies. And finally, all packed goods were quarantined for over 3 days as additional precautionary measure. On April 23, current president Rey Pascua and past presidents Rhod Resella, Tess Carlos, Zeny Justiniano, Fatima Purday, Zony Gordon, and Nic Montebon, Jr. delivered the goods to our seniors. And the additional monetary funds were donated to the Senior Center of the City of Santa Clarita.

We will keep serving our seniors for as long as it is needed for we've always considered them our living treasures who deserve the utmost love and care.

Current President Rey Pascua, Past Presidents Tess Carlos, Zony Gordon and Rhod Resella were among the people who made this project happen.



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