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Board of Officers

Vice President: Andy Pabalan

Secretary: Maria Fe Villamor

Assistant Secretary: Ruskie Ragasa

Treasurer: Cecil Ocampo, Eleanor Dullas & Josie Maglalang

Auditor: Ryan Rahon

Public Relations Officer: Eleanor Dullas, Andrew Perez

Board of Directors: Jessica Arima, Jessa De Guzman Gerry Dorotheo, Josie Maglalang, Jay Pasco, Jocelyn Reyes

Board of Trustees: Zony Gordon, Myra Miranda, Rhod Resella, Art Rivera, Sunny Sarte

2020 President Elect, January - June 2020

andy pabalan - vice president.jpg


2020 President, Alternate July-December 2020


Co-President, 2020 Fil-Am of SCV


Rey was born and raised in the Philippines. He migrated to the United States in 1987. He is a retired US Navy and a proud single father of three beloved treasures, Allison, Julia and Jarek. He moved to Santa Clarita in 2010 because of its safe community, well-thought of residential plan, and its family-oriented culture, making it an ideal place to raise his children.


Rey attended San Sebastian College for his high school education, and later earned his bachelors degree in Management at the University of Phoenix. With his military trade, he was able to get his Steam Engineer license from the City of Los Angeles, and currently holds the position of Stationary Engineer II with the Los Angeles County.


Rey is an active coach for the Castaic Lake dragon boat team. His objective is to promote to our kababayans, the Philippine culture through health and wellness in dragon boating. He believes that giving back to his country is an inherent part of being a Filipino. He will help elevate the promotion of the Philippine culture, traditions, camaraderie and practices to our fellow kababayans, with focus on health and wellness, while maintaining the integrity of the Fil-Am Association.

  • Annual Induction Ball held on February 15, 2020 at the Sand Canyon Country Club, theme "Kapusong Pilipino - Remembering our Culture and Strengthening our Legacy".  Generated the largest funds raised during and Induction Ball event Fil-Am history.

  • Easter Family Picnic was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • JRSAA Scholarship Award - search was on April 24, 2020.  This year, the monetary award to the recipients was increased.  

- 1st Place - Ashley Kua, $1500.00

- 2nd Place - Jeremy Bischoff, $750

- 3rd Place - Noah Ropp, $500

  • Senior Program - "Because We Care" was mobilized by The Presidents' Circle, delivered goods and food to our Filipino seniors during the unprecedented Covid-19 challenges.

  • Made monetary donation to the Senior Center of SCV to aid in their Meal on Wheels project.  Meal delivery to the seniors in need in the City of Santa Clarita.

  • Published Semi-Annual Newsletter


  • July 4th Parade

  • Membership Talent Night

  • Basketball Tournament

  • Bingo Social Fundraising

  • Bowling Tournament

  • Cultural Festival

  • Golf Tournament

  • Senior Thanksgiving Dinner and Dance

  • Caroling

  • Christmas Party

The biggest project this year will be the launching of the Cultural Center to be overseen by The Presidents' Circle.  Planning is already put in motion and teams are being formed.  Further details will be announced.

 2020 Highlights & Accomplishments

2020 Board of Officers.png

Rey with his 3 kids and his mom


Co-President, 2020 Fil-Am of SCV


Andy Pabalan is another product of the Fil-Am of SCV Youth group CYPA just like his fellow President, Nic Montebon, Jr. and very excited to be part of this prestigious organization.

Andy was born in the Philippines in 1972 to loving parents Andy and Lally Pabalan. As young ambitious couple, his parents had the vision and desire to give their family a better and brighter future. When opportunity became available to them, his parents packed up their belongings, sacrificed separation from their families, and moved to the “Land of the Free”, the United States of America, when Andy was only 2 years old. Andy is very thankful that his parents settled in a well-planned, family oriented community, the beautiful city of Santa Clarita.


Andy looked up to his parents with adoration for working hard in assuring that he and his siblings lived comfortably. His parents instilled spiritual Filipino moral values while adapting strong western work ethics. His upbringing molded him to the person he is today; spiritual, determined, tenacious, ambitious and motivated.

Andy’s parents were active members of Fil-Am of SCV. As early as 1988 at a young age of 16, he became an active member of Fil-Am of SCV. In 1993, he became one of the original members of CYPA, Coalition of Young Pilipino Americans, headed by fellow President and friend, 1999 Fil-Am of SCV President, Nic Montebon, Jr. Andy claims that Fil-Am kept him from getting involved with the wrong people, bad habits and undesirable environment. Fil-Am gave him a sense of pride, culture identity, and strong Filipino family unit. It was through Fil-Am that Andy met his lovely wife, Candy Cordero Pabalan. They have two wonderful kids, Alyssa and Andrew.

Andy enjoys entertaining and engaging with people, so for over 10 years, he has been hosting and KJ’ing (Karaoke Jockey) at Don Cuco’s in Newhall. Once covid is over, you will see Andy back every Friday night.

“My intent of being part of Fil-Am board is to “pay it forward”, to give back to an association who has helped me mold my youth. I’d like to bring people together, especially the youth, and share history, customs, traditions, and the beauties of the Philippines. So that they too, can appreciate their ancestry and their country and hopefully, they too can “pay it forward”. Marming Salamat and Mabuhay”!

andy pabalan - vice president.jpg


Former President's Message

Rey Pascua, 2020 Fil-Am President



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Spring 2020 Newsletter

2020 Events, Programs & Activities

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