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Board of Officers

Vice President: Mel Oxciano

Secretary: Cynthia Leigh

Treasurer: Ben Sison

Auditor: Elmer Carlos

Public Relations Officer: Ed de Belen

Board Members: Larry Espiritu, Nic Montebon Jr., Fely Quitevez

1996 President

1996 THEME -” UNITY“

"An excerpt from my speech during the Inaugural Ball - for this year‟s board held at the Airtel Plaza Hotel stated that Fil-Am Association of Santa Clarita is a very unique group because the members come from various geographical areas of the Philippines assembled in one of the safest cities in the US.

I would like to take this opportunity to honor the “Pioneers” of this organization who although not officially recognized by the Association, were the ones to get together way back in the early 70‟s. From this small group of nine families, who got together on the weekends. From this small group came as what we now know as the Filipino American Association of Santa Clarita Valley. There were: Bob and Letty Campbell, Mrs. Florence Domingo, Mike and Beth Chiodetti, Marcel and Naty Ibarra, Lloyd and Myrna Hoffman, Mark and Nellie Crawford, Lillian Viray, Rudy and Linda Correa, Art and Letty Caranto and myself.

Congratulations and thanks for what you have done!!! Now we are celebrating several Anniversaries."


  • Easter Family Picnic 

  • June Festival whose theme was “Pagkakaisa”where President Bill Clinton sent his letter printed on the souvenir program stating that the abundant gifts of the Filipino people and culture have helped American strong and that each one of us can take pride in our efforts to maintain and advance this important legacy.

  • CYPA (Coalition of Young Pilipino Americans) was honored with Jocelyn Sison as President and Nick Montebon as the adviser.

  • Cezar Obnial won the contest for the new logo for the Fil-Am Association.

  • The logo depicts the symbol of a great relationship among the Filipino Americans in our community, both flags joined in harmony within its environment. The oak tree is our precious California species that we preserve. The tapering shape in the middle of the logo simply represent a towering monument looking up to remember our ancestors and a vision into the future.

  • Basketball League

  • Annual Camping at El Capitan Beach

  • Traditional Christmas Party.


 1996 Highlights & Accomplishments

1996 Events, Programs & Activities

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