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Board of Officers

Vice President: Jun Gatilao

Secretary: Tess Carlos

Treasurer: Carlos Imperial

Auditor: Marcel Ibarra

Public Relations Officer: Cesar Obnial

Board of Directors: Letty Campbell, Manny Espejo, Rico Reantaso

1985 President

"When I moved to Santa Clarita in 1978, I thought it would be a good idea for Filipinos in the area to connect with the new community. I felt our Filipino culture could be a valuable addition to the area and its residents. In the early 80s, a group of us got together informally to discuss the possibility of establishing an association.

Although there were few of us, there was a lot of interest. Everyone wanted to have Filipino-related activities such as sporting events, religious celebrations, parties, camping, Christmas festivities, and anything we thought families would enjoy.​


A few families started getting together and eventually we came up with a list of names and addresses of people we thought might be interested in joining our group. As we started networking, we asked about their families, careers, and interests. A few years later, we had about 50 families.  These folks were the charter members of our Association, which was formed in 1984.

In 1985, I had the privilege to serve as the 2nd President of the Fil-Am Association of Santa Clarita Valley. My one year tenure as president was especially gratifying as we had the opportunity to contribute to the growing community.


I am proud to be one of the pioneering members of this Association. I am also proud to have grown up in Manila, one of nine children. I am proud of my two daughters, Lisa and Cynthia.  I am also proud of all our children who were active members and officers, and contributed their skills and talents to the group. Santa Clarita has grown enormously since we started, but it still remains a wonderful and safe place to live and raise families. I congratulate all the Association members and wish the Association continued success in the years to come."




  • Started the very first gathering of Filipino residents in Santa Clarita Valley

  • Incorporated and registered the Association as a non-profit organization within California

  • Initiated involvement of Filipino seniors to actively participate in the affairs of the club and join the SCV community center

  • Organized the first participation in the Santa Clarita 4th of July Parade

  • Began the tradition of presenting an appreciation plaque to the outgoing President

  • Donated the first Filipino books to the Valencia library

  • Formed the first Filipino basketball league that involved adults and youth players

  • Board of Directors were the first group of officers inducted at Bayanihan Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.

 1985 Highlights & Accomplishments

1985 Events, Programs & Activities

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