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Board of Officers

Vice President: Oliver Carreon

Secretary: Tony Pascua

Treasurer: Yoly Morton

Auditor: Edgar Mendoza

Public Relations Officer: Frank Obsenares

Board Members: Rhod Resella, Gus Pastoral, Gerry Yumul

1991 President


About Romy

Romy was born in a fishing village in  the town of Malabon. Province of Rizal, in the Philippines. He was raised by his grandfather until he was thirteen years old, joined his parents in the city of Cabanatuan, where he graduated from high school. He went back to Malabon to pursue his college education at the Mapua Institute of Technology. He supported his way through college by working full time with the University Architect of the University of the Philippines.

He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture in 1950, took the bar examination the same year, and took top honors for his school. He worked for various architectural firms in Manila and spent the last three years of his stay in the Philippines with the US Naval Base, Officer in Charge of Construction, in Subic Bay. He was, at the same time, moonlighting with a city planning firm, with offices in Honolulu, Hawaii, that had a contract with the US Naval Base.


In 1956, he accepted a job offer to go to Hawaii, met Rose, got married, and stayed there for the next three years. The call to move to the mainland was hard to resist, so in 1959, he moved to California. He settled in Woodland Hills for a while, and had a publications business of his own.

He has been in Santa Clarita since 1977, had been involved with the Fil-Am Association and eventually became president in 1990.


Romy retired in 1996 and spent his time fishing, playing golf, playing the guitar, camping, and socializing. Photography was his main hobby.  Our brother Romy left us and joined our Heavenly Father, the Redeemer on June 2014.


About Rose

Rose Santos was born in Laoag, Ilocos Norte. She was just a year old when her family moved to Hawaii. She grew up in the Island of Kauai. Rose went to college in Colorado and received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education in 1954. She later earned her Master of Arts Degree in Education from CSUN (San Fernando Valley State College) in 1968. Rose was a school teacher for forty years and has been retired for the last sixteen years. She keeps herself busy singing with two choir groups, dancing, golfing, camping, playing games and working with the computer, and keeping house.


Romy and Rose Santos

 1991 Highlights & Accomplishments

Rebecca, Rowena, and Rosanna Santos

Rose, Rebecca, and Romy Santos
(All photographs were taken in 1991 or thereabouts)



1991 was a very good year for Romy Santos and his Board Members. The Association was composed of 108 members, 46 of which were new for 1991.


  • The year began with the Induction of the Officers at the Valentine Dinner Dance

  • Followed by the Easter Picnic

  • General Membership Meeting

  • Family Bowling

  • June Cultural Festival

  • Summer Camping

  • Basketball Tournament

  • Las Vegas Night

  • CBS Tour

  • Traditional Christmas Party.

Significant Events:

  • The year was also highlighted by an Earthquake Fundraiser. The proceeds were handed over to the American Red Cross for distribution to the Central Luzon earthquake victims.

  • Scholarship awards were given to U.S. and Philippine students.

  • A special Balagtasan presentation by the Philippine Culture Revival Group headed by Luz Gonzales was part of the June Festival.

1991 Events, Programs & Activities

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