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Board of Officers

Vice-President: Romy Santos
Secretary: Oliver Carreon
Treasurer: Ernie Magpantay
Auditor: Ted Ricafort
Public Relation Officer: Pete Jimenez
Board Members:  Fred Bertulfo, Bill McNeil, Edgar Mendoza

1990 President

" Our best wishes to the future officers and members of Fil-Am of SCV."



  • The Senior Citizen group was formed

  • Funds were raised for the Baguio City earthquake victims

  • The first Filipino Basketball Tournament in SCV was organized

  • The 1990 June Festival – “Sa Kabukiran” was a full page feature in the Signal Newspaper Life Style section

  • The Jose Rizal Scholastic Achievement and Scholarship Award was established

1990’s Significant Events:

  • Iraq invaded Kuwait and Desert Storm forces were formed

  • East and West Germany were reunited

  • Soviet Pres. Gorbachev won the Noble Peace Price

  • San Francisco 49ers won Super Bowl XXIV by defeating the Denver Broncos

  • “The Simpsons” was the most popular TV show

  • “Driving Miss Daisy” won the Academy Award for Best Picture

  • Philippine protesters call for removal of the U.S. military bases in the Philippines

  • The July 16th earthquake killed 1650 people in Baguio City.




 1990 Highlights & Accomplishments

1990 Events, Programs & Activities

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