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Board of Officers

Vice President: Ed Arguelles

Secretary: Rainel Caranto

Treasurer: Sunny Sarte

Auditor: Willie Bella

Public Relations Officer: Fatima Purdy

Board Members: Ivan Dalisay, Jeck Narciso, Pilar Pena

Board Alternates: Zony Gordon, Neil Montebon

2001 President

“WhooHoo its Rey!!!"



I am banking on the Fil-Am Association to stand strong for several years!!   I encourage all Filipinos to get involved in this association, especially the youth.


I have been an active member since my younger days.  Living in L.A. with my mom and two siblings, I would come to visit relatives and friends in the Santa Clarita Valley.  SCV was my home away from home, and Fil-Am was my second family.


To this day I am grateful to Fil-Am. I remember how the association embraced me and allowed me to deposit my time in various activities and projects.  I also met my wife Irmina while participating in Fil-Am functions.  Many of our close friends today were once youth members themselves, and are still current members even after several years!  My message is to get involved! 


Joining Fil-Am will be a great investment for the entire family. You will be preserving the traditions of the Filipino heritage, while gaining assets as you develop lifelong friendships and the feeling of extended family. 


The year was 2001…Rey became president of the Fil-Am Association.  Prior to his presidency, Rey served several offices in Fil-Am throughout the years.  He was one of the co-founders and Sergeant of Arms of the youth group CYPA in the early 90’s, Treasurer (1997, 1998),  Auditor (1999), Vice-President (2000), and then President (2001).  After his presidency, he still served as the board Treasurer in 2002. 


Rey is the Financial Center Manager for WAMU in Newhall.  He has worked in banking for 15 years.  Rey attended Los Angeles Valley College and Cal State L.A. and received his Associates Degree in Political Science.  Rey met Irmina in the summer of 1988 and they were married in 1993.  They have three active boys:  Reyne (15), Rhodel (14), and Raderic (9), who keep them busy.


2001 Association Highlights:


  • Sister City project began

  • Fil-Am young adults and youth produced and performed “Sinkil” in June Festival      

  • 1st Place in July 4th Parade for Clubs/Fraternal Groups Category

  • By-laws amended

2001 Significant Events:

  • Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo sworn in as Philippine’s 14th President

  • Ravens won first Super Bowl Title

  • Barry Bonds hits 72nd home run this season

  • Apple Inc. releases the I-Pod

  • Microsoft releases Windows XP

  • Diamondbacks first-ever World Series win

  • Tragic 911   

 2001 Highlights & Accomplishments

2001 Events, Programs & Activities

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