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Board of Officers

Vice President: Rey Manzano

Secretary: Ivan Dalisay

Treasurer: Jeck Narciso

Auditor: Joe Conte

Public Relations Officer: Ed Arguelles

Board Members: Pat Ignacio, Fatima Purdy, Howie Albis

Board Alternates: Patrick Young, Willie Bella

Board of Advisors: Tony Pascua, Rhod Resella, Carol Mendoza, Raffy Mariano, Nic Montebon, Jr.

2000 President

2000 was the year I became President of Fil-Am. Unfortunately, it was also the year religious fanatics predicted the world will end. And the fear of that prediction permeated to everyone’s mind through most of the Christian world. Of course that bogus prediction never happened and that year our Board had a very successful run. Thanks to all the board members who were at their best, all our scheduled programs and projects were well funded and we turned over substantial amount of funds to the following years’ Board. We had one of the most successful membership renewal program in the associations’ history. For the first time we started the golf tournament. Although on a small scale (64 participants) it was very successful and in recent years has become one of Fil-Am’s revenue making projects.


In 1973, I’ve been working at the Philippine Weather Bureau as Seismological Assistant for 10 years. As a Press Liaison, it was my job to disseminate information to the press in the event of an earthquake. It was a very rewarding job. Although I love my work I had to leave the Philippines when my petition for immigration was approved. At the time my wife Rhoda was already in the US for a year. The plan was to work for 5 years, save money and go back to the Philippines and live happily ever after, just as every fairy tale ends. Of course it wasn’t so, because life with my family in this blessed land has been very good. God has given us a wonderful life and I have no regrets whatsoever. Sometimes, even though it’s been a while, I can feel that my longing to go home hasn’t left me.

FILAM 2018-5260.jpg

The Family Tree

I have always believed that, next to God, family is the most important part in life. During our 20th Anniversary celebration in 2003, our family tree was composed of my wife Rhoda and me with our son Ryan and our daughter Rhonda. At the time they were both single. Fast forward now, both have finished college and have lived their chosen careers. Ryan is married to Karen Capitulo. They have 4 daughters. Tyler, the eldest is a very smart, kind-hearted and a neat freak.  The second child  Aubrey is very intelligent, tough and very athletic. Sofia, well, she just smiles all the time. Meanwhile, our daughter Rhonda is married to Mike York with two children, Jacob Ryder and Olivia. We are very excited for all our grandkids and we love being grandparents!
-- who can stop bragging about them?


At last, we figured now we can retire. Yes retire. After all, it has been on our minds lately. So we planned and chartered our course, so to speak. We purchased a couple of properties in my home town Argao, Cebu, and built a tiny hut on top of the hills overlooking the ocean. To supplement our retirement income, we established a little business, and so in the last 5 years we have really enjoyed our vacation there. Now we’re really ready, so we thought. Well, not quite, as complications have developed. Our fast- growing family tree has grown so big, the little rascals need babysitters. And guess who got the non-paying job? Well, for now, retirement is in the back burner. But perhaps on our 30th Anniversary, God Willing, Rhoda and I can finally report that; we live in a tiny hut on top of the hills, overlooking the ocean - retired.

 2000 Highlights & Accomplishments

2000 Events, Programs & Activities

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