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Fil-Am OF SCV's 2024 Board of Officers Installed by Mayor Cameron Smyth

On March 18, 2024, Mayor Cameron Smyth sworn in the 2024 Board of Directors and Trustees of Fil-Am Association of SCV, Inc at the Santa Clarita City Hall.

These men and women swore to uphold the mission and vision of the association with utmost care and the integrity. The Association's mission stays true to this day which is to continue promoting the Filipino values to the children, family and to the community.

What truly is the Filipino value?  Simply put, it is a value of strong family unit, a value of respecting everyone particularly the elderlies, a value of helping, a value of sharing and the value of living a christian life. And President Mul Tayoba and his Board of Directors and Trustees have committed in keeping Fil-Am's mission.

Mul Tayoba, the elected President expressed his commitment in engaging Fil-Am Association with Santa Clarita Valley's activities, events and programs more than ever before. "The City has shown strong support to our association since we started in 1984 and we will continue to work closely and collaborate with the City for the betterment of our community".

Secretary Myra Miranda, shared with Mayor Smyth, "Our association lasted this long, 40 years, because we kept the mission and the vision our forefather's of this association structured, which provided a strong foundation for future generations to enjoy and appreciate, and we will continue to honor this foundation for as long as this association is standing".

Mayor Smyth expressed as well, that keeping the mission and vision of Santa Clarita Valley is something they have in common with Fil-Am of SCV. They too, he and his council members, are working hard to keep Santa Clarita Valley a family oriented community, a safe community and the most ideal place for the Santa Claritans to live!

Congratulations to the Board of Directors and Trustees, and may God bless and guide them with all their endeavors this year!


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