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Dynamic Fil-Am Public Relations Committee

Fil-Am of SCV has formed our 2020 Public Relations Committee composed of dynamic men and women who will communicate the main objectives of our organization.

This is the first year we have formed our Public Relations Committee and the timing is perfect. With the ever changing technology and several platforms of communicating to the world, Fil-Am too has to adapt. Luckily, our organization is blessed with members who are technology savvy and skilled communications wise.

In retrospect, it was in 2009, under the leadership of President Myra Miranda, that Fil-Am joined the social media band wagon. We opened our Facebook account, built a website, started the mass email distribution, all managed by the Public Relations Officer. These tasks have become broader, more technically sophisticated, and overwhelming for the PRO to handle. The years passed and understandably our mass communications initiatives dwindled, subordinated by more urgent objectives.

This year we are resurrecting our mass media projects so that our organization will be more visible to our members and colleagues. We aspire to be an organization that truly upholds our mission and vision and through mass media, we will achieve our goal. This is an insurmountable task that President Rey gathered talented and dynamic members to form the Public Relations Committee. The committee is chaired by our 2020 PRO, Andrew "Drew" Perez. Drew's professional background is in Information and Digital Technology, so he is bringing to the organization his expertise. The social media team is composed of 2020 Treasurer, Eleanor Dullas and President Rey Pascua. The website design team is a team up of Eduel Navera who has a degree in web, graphics and digital design and 2009 President Myra Miranda who has a knack for creativity and gung-ho attitude. Zeny Justiniano, 2 term Past President (2006/2014) chairs the newsletter team with 2003 Past President Fatima Purdy, 2015 Past President Art Rivera and Verna Arguelles as members. Fe Villamor, our 2020 Secretary joins the committee as the Editorial staff.

By just looking at the members of this committee, we expect nothing but delightful news.


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