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Fil-Am of SCV, Inc Celebrates its 35 Years Anniversary

35 years is indeed a celebration! The Presidents' Circle (TPC) finally had the chance to enjoy a year long planning of the prestigious 35 years of accomplishments.

Thanks in part to the chairpersons of the 35th anniversary committee headed by 2010 President Mul Tayoba. The event's theme was Hollywood Glamour. Everyone was dressed to the nines with their smiles as their best accessories.

The celebration is a motivation and an inspiration to continue the objectives of the association which simply put_ to engage our fellow Filipinos and others to celebrate our Filipino culture, promote our colorful tradition, and preserve the authenticity of our heritage.

The evening was attended by our past and current supporters including Mayor Laurene Weste and Council Member Marsha McLean. The TPC showcased their love of dance by performing the traditional cotillion and the night was highlighted by a montage of several years of accomplishments including the recognition of all past and present scholars both here in the US and Philippines.

The Intent to Continue

The event was a celebration of past years' accomplishments but it is also an event to inspire others to understand the value and objective of our association, so that they may continue the legacy of the association.


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