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Congratulations to the 2021 Board of Officers

During this unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, Fil-Am of SCV picked their 2021 Board of Directors and Trustees via Zoom meeting held on December 19, 2020 . Indeed it was a unique way of choosing this year's officers. There were no big Christmas celebration to officially announce the top 8 elected officers, and no Christmas gathering to vote for the Director's positions. But nevertheless, the Directors were duly elected and were sworn in by the Election Committee.

This year marks another year of very good recruits. Fil-Am has several "first timer" Directors who are all skilled professionals and extremely talented individuals in their own rights. And nothing more impressive than their desire to share their time and experience, their commitment and fortitude in fulfilling the objectives of the association.

The five Board of Trustees namely 2016 President Arnold Magpantay, 2020 Co-President Andy Pabalan, 2011 President Linda Crawford, 1999 President Nic Montebon, Jr. and two time President 2006 and 2014 President, Zeny Justiniano. These are some of the most dedicated Presidents of Fil-Am. They will be strong and positive advisors to the Board of Directors.

President Myra Miranda was Fil-Am's 2009 President. She was instrumental in several successful events elevating Fil-Am's presence in the community. It was during her year that Fil-Am amended their bylaws to conform with the ever changing progression of the association. It was during her Presidency that social media became part of peoples lives. She was the key contributor to the birth of Fil-Am's website and Facebook account. She directed several cultural stage productions including the 100 Years History of the Philippines "Centennial Celebration", "Hiyas ng Lahi" celebrating Philippines Innovators, and the famous " Stories of Lola Basyang", production play. And she became famously known as Maria, from the successful stage production of "Pagsinta - Story of Juan Tamad".

No one can doubt Myra's dedication to Fil-Am and her second time around as President of Fil-Am will bring another eventful chapter in Fil-Am's history.

Vice President Fe Villamor is a strong force for Fil-Am. She is currently the President of the Sariaya Association of California and was Fil-Am's Secretary of 2020. In her short tenure with Fil-Am, she has already contributed significant positive changes to the association. Fil-Am can't wait until she becomes one of Fil-Am's President.

Secretary Jennifer Avancena, Assistant Secretary Casey Schein, Treasurer Chona Villa-Real, Auditor Ryan Rahon, Public Relations Officer Maurice Lacson, Directors Daisy Hicks, Ruskie Ragasa, Liza Lieberman and Rafferty Yao are all dynamic and a welcome addition to the Fil-Am family. Each and everyone one of them have unique qualities which will bring huge difference in the success of Fil-Am's future. Apart from the commitment they have pledged, which was to uphold their duties and obligations as officers of Fil-Am of SCV, they each promised to keep Fil-Am's mission and vision with integrity and respect.

Welcome and congratulations once again to all of the 2021 Officers and we wish each and every one of them success and blessings on all of their endeavors this year!


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