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"CELEBRATE" - City of SCV Celebrating Sister Cities Program

What an exciting evening indeed!

The City of Santa Clarita kicked off their first “Celebrate” event yesterday Friday, May 16, 2022, at the newly constructed Canyon Country Community Center!

FilAm Scv proudly represented the Philippines along with the Sister City partner, Sariaya Association of California. We demonstrated how to make Philippine’s traditional Christmas ornament, the Parol, and we displayed several Philippine traditional arts and crafts.

We experienced traveling to Santa Clarita Sister Cities Tena, Ecuador and the very festive Sariaya, Philippines. And take a stop at Matsudo, Japan, a Friend of Santa Clarita Sister Cities! Throughout the evening, we enjoyed musical performances by Japanese, Ecuadorian, and Filipino musicians and dancers. We practiced origami and witness Taiko drumming demonstrations in a celebration of Japanese culture. Philippines is one of the most colorful culture in the world, and we saw that displayed at the event. We had the Philippines uniquely and most popular means of transportation, the Jeepney! We taught how to make a Parol, a Filipino ornamental lantern usually displayed during the holidays, and we enjoyed the Agawan Festival, an annual celebration of good harvest held in Sariaya each May. Then we took a jungle walk through the Ecuadorian Amazon, and practiced aim with a blowgun, which is traditional hunting method in the Amazon rainforest.



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