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2023 Board of Directors & Trustees Inducted by Mayor Jason Gibbs

On Saturday, April 22, 2023, ladies and gentlemen arrived at the Hyatt Regency Valencia Grand Ballroom all dressed up to the nines.  They attended to witness the induction of the 2023 Board of Directors and Trustees of Fil-Am Association of SCV's. at the Hyatt Valencia Regency Grand Ballroom.

The event was also one of the biggest fundraising events of the association and their generous sponsor and donors clearly made it possible for the association to generate enough funds to support their programs and projects including their staple program, the Scholastic and Scholarship program.

Santa Clarita Mayor Jason Gibbs and Los Angeles Consul General Edgar Badajos were the guests of honor. Both delivered a very inspiration message which certainly inspired the viewers at the event. Mayor Gibbs performed the installation and Consul General Badajos joined him for the congratulatory recognition.

President Jacqueline Martinez shared a footprint of the Board's agenda for the year. A plan to increase the association membership, to support Filipino business entrepreneurs and to increase community engagement, among others. She strongly believes that the plans set forth are achievable due to her great confidence with the men and woman of the Board, duly sworn to deliver their agenda.

The night's spectacle continued with professional red carpet photo shoot, exciting entertainment and plenty of dancing.

In the words of Past President Fred Bertulfo, work hard but don't forget to play as well, laughter makes work easier and creates bond among peers, a recipe for success and longevity.


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