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Board of Officers

Vice President: Tess Carlos

Secretary: Raffy Mariano

Treasurer: Benny Decena

Auditor: Nila Jaramillo

Public Relations Officer: Dindo Angeles

Board Members: Mel Oxciano, Paul Redoble, Danny Lalimar

1995 President

The Year was 1995….


"The board was so energetic to start the New Year. There were so many different activities that the board painfully planned and successfully accomplished. They were so proud of the many” First” they did during the year. There was no dull moment in the war room cause Nila was the cheerleader, with Benny as governor, and Danny, Paul, Dindo as the senators, Raffy was the executive secretary and Mel was the judge on duty. The sessions always start without the vice prexy because of her other duty at the FED X.

Greetings to everyone, the celebration of the many anniversaries of the association is an indication of strength and unity among the Filipino Community of SCV. This is a great accomplishment. I salute all the members for your dedication and support thru the years.

My family and I are very fortunate to be member of the association. This is where we belong. This is our family away from home. There is the feeling of love, friendliness and respect among the members. Mabuhay and God blessing to all."



  • First Proclamation of Phil Week by the City council and County of LA

  • First Santacruzan at the Phil. Exposition

  • First golf tournament of the Association

  • First Cultural Show at the Old Orchard Park

  • Filipiniana exhibit and video show at the Valencia Library


Significant Events:

  • DVD, an optical disc computer storage media format is announced

  • Embay is founded

  • Terrorist bombing kills 168 people in Oklahoma City

  • Microsoft introduces Window 95


 1995 Highlights & Accomplishments

1995 Events, Programs & Activities

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