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Board of Officers

Vice President: Edgar Mendoza

Secretary: Tony Pascua

Treasurer: Pete Imperial

Auditor: Frank Obsenares

Public Relations Officer: Joe Ramos

Board Members: Prima Buckley, Gil Nyerges, Mag Yraola

1992 President

Along with the 1992 Board of Directors composed of Edgar Mendoza - Vice President, Tony Pascua – Secretary, Pete ImperialTreasurer, Frank Obsenares – Auditor, Joe Ramos – Public Relations Officer and Prima Buckley, Gil Nyerges and Mag Yraola – Members, we would like to celebrate the values, traditions and friendships we have shared with each other.


It was a distinct honor and privilege to have served as President and a member since 1984.


The year 1984 was also the year our family has been living the good life in waht was formely known as Santa Clarita Valley.


There are so many things to be happy and grateful about. Nolan graduated in the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley and has now a very successful business career in Insurance. Nayda received her 25 in 2009 year service pin from Olive View Medical Center and she continues to work there and serve the people. I am now retired from working in the production of medical devices that enable children and adults to hear. Bong-bong is works as a Corporate Manager for Environmental Compliance, after a short stint with a cosmetics manufacturer. Kristin is happy with her career as Physical Therapist at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. But most of all, our first grandson Tommy has taught us that there is more to life than work. Let us therefore celebrate and have fun!


 1992 Highlights & Accomplishments

1992 Events, Programs & Activities

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