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Board of Officers

Vice President: Sunny Sarte

Secretary: Zeny Justiniano

Assistant Secretary: Annie Bella

Treasurer: Fed Vale

Auditor: Joe Conte

Public Relations Officer: Zony Gordon

Board Members: Cecille Gordon, Rommel del Rosario, Rose Gottshall

Board Alternates: Waldi Lopez, Aaron Resella

Board of Advisors: Ed Arguelles, Dr. Carol Mendoza, Cirilo “Jun” Gatilao, Ralph Molina

2003 President


Thank you Njambi and Jawhar, my loving children,  for being there with your beautiful smiles and support. You both inspired me to work on and attend and execute my programs and projects for the year:

  • Induction Ball

  • Easter Picnic

  • Signing ceremony of the Sister Cityhood of Sariaya and the city of Santa Clarita

  • Pride Week

  • Philippine Independence Day Dinner

  • June Festival

  • 4th of July Parade

  • Dinner in honor of the visiting President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

  • Bowling League

  • Golf Tournament

  • Luaus and the BBQs

  • Thanksgiving dinner in honor of our Seniors

  • Historic Filipinotown first anniversary celebration

  • Aerobics classes for the Fil-Ams by Cecille Gordon at the Spectrum Club

  • Fil-Am 20th anniversary celebration

  • Board Choir caroling at several homes

  • Christmas Party

"I also hope that someday you, my children, will be part of the Board so our community involvement will continue!"

Maayong Gabii ug Daghang Salamat

Sa Inyong Tanan!

- Fatima C. Purdy


2003 …As Busy As Can Be


"In the year 2003, several years have passed since a dozen or so of our kababayans gathered at a local park to share their puto at dinuguan, suman, bibingka, pan de sal at keso, adobo, pansit at lumpia (ni Mang Marcel?), and to tell their stories so they can reminisce about the life they left behind in our old country,  the Philippines. After a month or so, they’ve formed what is now called the Fil-Am Association of the SCV, Inc. also known as Filipino-American Association of Santa Clarita Vallley, Inc. or Fil-Am of SCV.


The year 2003 brought in the new Board and Advisors of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers for the Association. These men and women, with their unique personalities have continued and will continue to work on what was started almost forty years ago. They are the men and women who united not because they think alike but because they want the Association to grow……to grow not only in numbers but also in its involvement in our community, the city of Santa Clarita, and in the Philippines.  They are the men and women who brought in new beginnings and new endings, new challenges and new realities, and to them.  To the BUSY BODIES of 2003 and to all our SUPPORTERS, thanks for making 2003 a year to remember!


And, in early 2003, Joe Conte, the Chairman of our Scholarship Committee, returned from his Philippine trip with the Partnership Agreement with the Hospicio de San Jose Orphanage in Manila. After the Board reviewed, approved and signed the Agreement, the Apolinario Mabini Scholarship Program was implemented. The program has made it possible for Virginia Incolesio, an orphan from the Hospicio de San Jose to graduate from the La Concordia College, School of Nursing in 2007.  Unfortunately, because of Joe Conte's untimely death, he was not able to see this happen but his legacy will live on as more poor but deserving students in the Philippines will benefit from our scholarship program."


Fatima with daughter Njambi and her daughters Ella and Eliza    and son Jawhar


Fatima Purdy with son Jawhar and daughter Njambi at the 2008 Fil-Am Easter Picnic

 2003 Highlights & Accomplishments

2003 Events, Programs & Activities

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