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Board of Officers

Vice President: Pete Jimenez

Secretary: Monette Lalimar

Treasurer: Rhod Resella

Auditor: Carlos Imperial

Public Relations Officer: Ted Ricafort

Board of Directors: Joe Ares, Oliver Carreon, Romy Santos

1989 President

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of Fred Bertulfo the 1989 SCV Fil-Am President.  That started back in 1978 when Fred, his wife Aurora, daughter Aileen and son Alfred, moved to the Santa Clarita Valley, now the City of Santa Clarita.  No malls!  No sports complexes!  No traffic, not even a Chuck E. Cheeses back then.  Like Robinson Crusoe, Santa Clarita was as small and primitive as a town can be.


The Bertulfo Family was involved with Fil-Am from the beginning.  Fred was one time an officer and a member of the Board.  Then in 1989, Fred was elected Pesident.  During his term, he kept the Association in a solid financial condition by conducting fund raising activities such as trips to CBS Studio and Las Vegas.  These are the highlights of Fred's term:

  • First time Induction Ball was held, a Valentine Dinner Dance

  • SCV Pride Week participating in clean up of Heritage Park

  • July 4th Parade - 2nd Place Float Fraternal and Civic Organization Award

  • Filipino Cultural Exhibit at the Valencia Library

  • Membership of Fil-Am of SCV increased a lot during his year

As the Santa Clarita Valley continued to change and expand, so did the Bertulfos.  Currently, Fred a CPA, MBA, is retired from the Department of Water and Power and is now involved in a tax and financial planning pratice.

He was appointed by the City of Santa Clarita to the Board of the Santa Clarita Valley International Program (Sister Cities International).  

His wife Aurora, MSN RN, is a retired nurse from Valley Care Olive View-UCLA Medical Center and can be found freelancing there from time-to-time.

During Fred and Aurora's free time, they love to travel, play golf, volunteer for church ministries, and play with all of their grandkids, 


1989 Highlights & Accomplishments


Their daughter Aileen, is a busy stay-at-home mom in Portland, Oregon.  Aileen's family includes husband Dan, CFA MBA, who is Director of Traditional Research for Arnerich Massena an investment consulting firm and children Evan, Liesel and Katrina. 


Son Alfred lives in Diamond Bar where he is an IT consultan specializing in Apple technology.  His son Alfred is married to Erika who works in Human Resources for the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, and two children, Aerik and Alani.

1989 Events, Programs & Activities

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