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Board of Officers

Vice President: Art Caranto 
Secretary: Pete Jimenez 
Treasurer: Marcel Ibarra 
Auditor: Ed Fabregas 
Public Relations Officer: Rudy Correa 
Board Members: Jun Gatilao, Nellie Crawford, Florence Domingo 

1987 President

"I am a practicing licensed Architect in California, born in Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines.  Resides in Manila at the time I was 6 years of age. An alumni of FEU, graduate with a degree of B.S. in Architecture.  My dream was to go to America.  In 1971, I began my venture to Guam, a territory of USA for the first 5 years, working with the US Military facilities during the Vietnam War era, before I migrated into the mainland USA.


Me and my wife Lisa Sarita Bacleon first met in Manila. She was a native of Cabadbaran, Agusan. She graduated with honor at San Carlos University, Cebu City with a degree of B.S. in Chemistry. 1975, we got married in Los Angeles, California. We have 4 children, Julie Mae, Andrew, and the twins-Anthony and Alexander. Thank God, they are all college degree holders.


I am thankful on their up-bringing within the Fil-Am family circle where they learned more about the Philippine history, tradition, and understanding among the Filipinos together with other ethnic groups in Santa Clarita. Julie Mae was also a recipient of the Fil-Am scholarship awards. They became active in promoting the PCN (Philippine Cultural Night), a Philippine-American heritage in cultural and art program. Enjoying their camaraderie and earning friendship among the Fil-Am group from different Universities in California.

One reason we love Santa Clarita is that we admire the people who chose to live here. We the Fil-Am while organizing events are constantly amazed by the goodwill amongst our fellow kababayan. We are always honored when we simultaneously bring back and delivered the messages of our ancestors, our tradition in cultural and arts for the young generations to understand and thereby inherit them in the future keeping it forever alive in our hearts. We appreciate Santa Clarita as an ideal place to raise our kids, A place of friend-ship and we hope that you’ll continue to be within the Fil-Am Family circle to make your life in Santa Clarita.

Let us not forget our Filipino roots. God bless the USA!"



  • Basketball League 

  • Scholarship Program 

  • Bowling League 

  • Cultural Affairs Presentation at COC 

  • Family Camping trip 

  • Community Services 

Significant Events: 

This year, Santa Clarita became a City.  More participation by Fil-Am into the community and city programs leads to the acceptance of a sister city in the Philippines. Now a proposed medical clinic will be constructed in Sariaya, Quezon funded by the SCVIP and supported by the Fil-Am of SCV, The Rotary Club International, and the Sariaya Association of California.


 1987 Highlights & Accomplishments

1987 Events, Programs & Activities

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