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Board of Officers

Vice President: Raffy Mariano

Secretary: Rose Santos

Treasurer: Rey Manzano

Auditor: Ellen Gomez

Public Relations Officer: Arnold Gatilao

Board Members: Nayda Carreon, Nic Montebon Jr., Pat Ignacio

1997 President

Family Life in Santa Clarita continues to be good…..


Edgar (1994 President) and I moved to Santa Clarita in 1985, after getting married. So, it's been several years of good life in Santa Clarita. We lived on dirt roads for most of those 23 years but in 2007, the road to our house got “paved.” No more dodging the ruts on the dirt road and we don’t need to buy 4-wheel drive SUV’s anymore. We can wash our cars like normal people.


We added solar heating to the indoor swimming pool. Now it is a favorite hangout for Aaron and Zach’s friends and a nice place to do a little exercise and relaxation for Edgar and me. We figured that we better travel now while the “arthritis” is still in its “early stages.” So we did a lot of traveling in Europe and in Asia.


Aaron is graduated with a BS degree in Kinesiology at Cal State Northridge and Zach graduated high school at The Academy of the Canyons. Edgar still hikes regularly and has been very active in the Sand Canyon Oaks Homeowners Association. I still have my dental practice in Canyon Country. I volunteer with the Dental Health Foundation of SCV and I still like to bake for therapy.


Time surely flew by for Edgar and me, but life in Santa Clarita continues to be good.


..…….. Dr. Carol Mendoza



It was an honor to lead these dedicated men and women (3 of whom were former first ladies of the association) who bravely accepted the challenge when called upon.


  • The Induction Ball was held at the Omni Hotel in LA on March 8. Though late, we were able to raise enough funds for the local scholarship that year and a “reserve” for the future.

  • The popular Easter Picnic event was chaired by Raffy Mariano. It was a fun-filled event with Nila Jaramillo as the Easter Bunny.

  • Rey Manzano and Cezar Obnial chaired the Basketball Tournament. I was privileged to toss the ceremonial first “jump ball” before the games got too intense. The tournament showed the Filipino’s love of basketball and their sportsmanship.

  • The June Festival theme was “Bahagari” (Rainbow). Ellen Gomez chaired and wrote the play about diversity of the Filipino people. It had a good storyline and should be reconsidered for a comeback in the future.

  • Cezar Obnial was the float designer for the July 4th Parade entry. It was a “Pink Cadillac”. The youth group joined the parade in their shorts, tank tops, and tossing beach balls. The theme was “Route 66” and we won 3rd place Fraternal category.

  • Nic Montebon chaired the Camping at Lake Cachuma. It was roughing it Filipino style; rice cookers, corned beef atbp. There were lots of food, fun and good company.

  • Jun Gatilao and Pete Jimenez chaired the Bowling Tournament. The serious bowlers with the not so serious ones were competing for the much coveted trophies or just for the “bragging rights?”

  • The theme of the Christmas Party was “A Filipino Christmas Carol.” With Rose Santos at the helm, Charles Dickens would be proud of our take on his classic. There was a wreath contest, lots of singing and gift giving.

  • Arnold Gatilao was our Newsletter editor. “Fil-Am Balita” was born. Arnold got everybody well informed of the goings on in the association.

  • Marylou Manalastas chaired the Scholarship Program. The first local scholarship fund was established. Katherine Oro, Sharon Magpantay and Mae Pascua were the first awardees.

  • Nayda Carreon chaired the Membership Committee. With Nayda we were able to increase and update our membership roster.

  • Pat Ignacio and Art Caranto chaired the Revision of Bylaws. In keeping up with the times, the bylaws were amended.


Thank you for a job well done!

Significant Events:


  • President Clinton’s 2nd term began

  • Green Bay Packers won Superbowl XXXI

  • The English Patient won Best Picture

  • Princess Diana killed in car crash

  • The British hand over Hong Kong to China

  • Other than that, not much going on in the world that year, except Fil-Am


 1997 Highlights & Accomplishments

1997 Events, Programs & Activities

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