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Board of Officers

Vice President: Myra Miranda

Secretary: Irmina Manzano

Assistant Secretary: Romulo Tayoba

Treasurer: Joseph Barcega

Auditor: Annie Bella

Public Relations Officer: Ramon Fabregas

Board Members: Nicandro Montebon Sr., Judy Troy

Board of Alternates: Sheila Colby, Glenda Wright, Eli Perdido

Board of Advisors: Zeny Justiniano, Raffy Mariano, Rafael Molina, Fatima Purdy, Rhod Resella

2008 President

Isang Pamilya, Isang Saya

Over 35 Years ago a group of families gathered together in a park, to discuss what is now, the Filipino‐American Association of Santa Clarita Valley Inc. The Fil‐Am promotes and preserves the Filipino culture through our organized activities and events.
I am proud to say that I am endeared to have the honor to be a part of the organization and the achievements it has been recognized for.


I am recognized to be one of the youngest Presidents in the association and my team is considered by many to be the “Dream Team” because of the collaboration of the youthful minds of the board along with the presence of our great veterans. This board would not have achieved our goals if it weren’t for the collaboration and synergy that our minds can put together as a team.

Several years ago the West Nile virus postponed the camping trip and hasn’t been available for a few years. During my year with the wonderful help of my team, the camping became alive and to me, that was the best time. A time to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and be with my people who value family, unconditional love and great food!

Our Cultural Festival, along with the magnificent performances from our very own Filipino talents, honored well deserved Mothers in our community. Our Induction Ball made history as well, by having the most attendance ever in its existence. Our Bowling Tournament and Basketball League once again achieved its main purpose, the reinforcement of our strong family and community ties! Well attended President's Cup Golf Tournament and the fun festive family Christmas Party! We raised funds, have committed to support our deserving scholars, the less fortunate children & family who seek shelter and medical care, and more importantly, our commitment in continuously Engaging, Promoting and Preserving our Filipino Culture through our beautiful city of Santa Clarita Valley.  And yes, our "Dream Team" added the a tagline which best describes our association ... "To Engage, Promote and Preserve ... Our Filipino Culture Through Unity in Our Community.


  • Celebrated most attended Induction Ball

  • Fun family Easter Picnic

  • Scholarship Awarding

  • July 4th Parade

  • June Independence Day Cultural Festival and Mother of the Year Celebration

  • Unforgetable Camping at Lake Cachuma

  • Basketball League

  • Bowling Tournament

  • President's Cup Golf Tournament

  • Family Christmas Party


 2008 Highlights & Accomplishments

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